Potential diabetes symptoms

Patient: So I started working overnights back in March 2011. I worked the 11pm-7am full time all the way through August. This work I believe has given me some weird health symptoms. It started with my feet would tingle when I would sit with my legs crossed. Whatever point in the foot felt the pressure against the floor thats where the tingling would occur. It was majority in the heels. Over the course of last summer I lost maybe 10-15 pounds. Due to my schedule I was not eating more than 2 meals a day. Working overnights threw me an a funk so I decided to reduce my hours to like a 5pm-11pm, 10pm-3am shifts. This helped in getting my weight back to normal, but other things still popped up. Like I have a purple color in the area between my eyes and nose(not under the eyes) and right now my palms have more prominent blue veins and they just look sickly, and sometimes my fingertips get pruned in the shower or turn a darker color. These symptoms persist. I am getting enough sleep(just during the day). but now thats its daylight savings winter hours I never see the sun and i feel like garbage. Lately I have been urinating a little more than usual( 5 times a day). Unless its when I wake up its almost always clear(and I don’t think I am that well hydrated). I rarely have to wake to urinate. Its normal colored after 8-10 of sleep. I had a physical back in March of 2010 before my insurance ran out and I was 100% healthy. Now I have no insurance and am a little worried about these symptoms that started when I began working overnights. My diet has never been close to healthy but I have always been healthy. I go long periods without eating usually 10-15 hours. And after I eat I get very sleepy. I am worried all these random symptoms are type 2 diabetes but I only urinate 4-5 times a day(without drinking that much liquids) and I am not thirsty often and have no stomach aches diarrhea or vomiting after eating sugary items. I also have no problems with blurred vision or dizziness. I have always had eye floaters since I can remember. I am worried about the tingling in my feet, clear urine and sickly looking palms and eye region though. All of these things started when I worked overnights and eating irregularly. Is it just from that or could it be something more serious. I am 26, 6 foot 3, and 174 pounds(have been this height and weight since I was 18). What are your thoughts after this long rant?