PPP or Genital Warts

Patient: I would upload a picture but at first i would like to see if i can get through it with out doing so first hahaDear Dr,Coming onto some time now I have noticed small, and i mean tiny little bumps around the lower’middle’top crown of my penis. They dont hurt but as everything is has a sensitivity to it. They are skin colour and i see them but i dont think someone who just looks would see them as they are not noticeable, unless light hits them in the right way. I am able to see them because its my stuff down there and I like to know whats going on haha.So I am driving my self insane thinking they are Genital Warts, or PPP. Hoping its neither of them or anything at all, could it possibly be just the growth of it as im only 21? How can I be certain with out going to a doctor to know what I may have. Any tips. or things to look for to know if it is either of them in an early stage.When it comes to sexual activity I always use protection but there are always those small chances something can happen. It could just be being paranoid but any help would be great!Thanks so much!SJW