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Pre-cum and pregnancy

Patient: My last period was on the 20th of March. My cycles are usually regular. It’s usually a 26-27 day cycle. My boyfriend penetrated me for the first time on April 5th. He urinated before we got intimate. My boyfriend put the condom on and accidentally almost put it upside down, so the head of his penis touched the outer tip of the condom. He reversed it and out it on the right way. There was no precum and I stroked him a few times before he penetrated. He also touched himself and he is absolutely sure that it was dry. Is there a chance of me getting pregnant?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is very little chance of getting pregnant with a pre-ejaculate.The chance being l ess than 0.25%. In your case, you are sure that the area was dry before penetration and there was no established ejaculation prior to wearing the condom as well. This almost rules out the chances of pregnancy and there is nothing that you need to worry about.However, remember no contraceptive is 100 percent effective in preventing a pregnancy. A condom has a failure rate of 15 to 20 % even with proper use. Keeping this in mind, you may have to do a pregnancy test if you miss your expected cycles. Or you can test yourself for a pregnancy after 14 days of the last sexual intercourse by a beta hCG blood test which is more accurate and reliable. Do not worry much as the chances are very minimal in your case, however, go for a pregnancy test in case of any doubts or keeping failure of condom in mind. If you do not wish to take chances, you can consume PLAN B pills within 72 hours of the last intercourse, provided you do not have any contra- indications like deep vein thrombosis, migraine, etc.Hope this helped.Regards



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Patient: Hello,
Thanks for your reply. I would like to mention that my boyfriend and I got intimate for the first time. He penetrated just a few times. He ejaculated about 10 minutes later. We checked if the condom was alright and it seemed perfectly fine.
It’s been more than 72 hours since it happened. So I was very worried. I hope I haven’t made a wrong move and I hope to get my period by the end of next week.

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
There is nothing to worry as of now, stay calm and await your cycles. Do let us know or write back for any help later.


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