Pre-mature ejaculation and no erection !!!

Patient: Hello Doctor,I’m 25 years old and have a slim body type. I use to masturbate a lot during teenage. Now since I am working, I’ve limited the masturbation to some extent. But still do it for 8-10 times a month (2 times a week). My problem is that any female figure attracts me and I get an instant erection but that is for a few moments. The erection persists for a short time and the penis contracts. I also have a bad habit of eating cardamom seeds a lot. When I say a lot means for the whole day and from the past 2 years it has become a routine habit of mine. One of my colleague educated me about the ill effect of cardamom seeds on sexual potency. When I see the condition of my penis I think he is write. Now, my penis is very small in size and cannot hold the erection for even a minute. Needless to say, I started noticing that when I ejaculate the semen quantity is also very low. Most importantly, I ejaculate quickly. For instance, when my penis is erect I ejaculate at that point itself because I cannot hold the erection as well as the pleasure. It has become a serious problem for me. I’ve never had sex in my life. Please suggest:1: How to control pre-mature ejaculation?2: Will eating cardamom affect sexual potency?3: How to enlarge the penis (through any kind of therapy or medicine) and hold the erection?Thank youBond007

Symptoms: pre-mature ejaculation
no erection