Pre Menopause at twenty-seven?

Patient: I had a tubal litigation 3 years ago after the birth of my youngest child. Lately I have tenderness in my breast and my husband states my breasts seem to be getting larger. I have dropped weight at least 10 lbs in a couple months. My hair is falling out of my head like crazy. When I have to urinated it is “oh I gotta pee, OH NO I GOTTA PEE NOW”. I am hungrier than usual. My sex drive is COMPLETELY gone. I had mood swings and am incredibly irritable. I am only 27 years old, just turned 27. Could I be going through Pre Menopause already or could my tubal have failed and I be pregnant I am scared to take a pregnancy test I had a tubal for a reason. Just wondering what yall think this sounds like it could be??