Preclampsia not properly diagnosed

Patient: I believe my OBGYN doctor is trying to induce labor too early, she states I have a mild case of preclampsia, which she is now diagnosing as atypical preclampsia, yet I have researched this issue thoroughly and found in both diagnoses, you need to have high blood pressure to have these disorders. I have not had high blood pressure at all

Symptoms: No symptoms, just have a fatty liver became I am obese with triplets. My enzyme levels are steady LFD are 60-90 range

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Preeclampsia is a condition which presents with high blood pre ssure, proteinuria, edema etc.Usually, the labour is induced early in preeclampsia if there is any possible fetal damage with continuation of pregnancy.One more possible cause for early induction in your case is, triplet gestation.In triplet pregnancy, also labour can be induced early at around 36 to 37 weeks depending on the size of the babies, quantity of liquor, general condition of the mother etc.So, please discuss with your doctor regarding the cause for early induction of labour and proceed according to her advice.Take care.