Precum inside girlfriend and pregnancy chances

Patient: Hello me and my Girlfriend were having sex and I was unprotected and put the tip of my penis inside her but i think there might of been precum on my shaft as soon as this happened we went to get plan B my question is how effective is the pill and what are the chances of getting pregnant with precum

Doctor: Precum or pre- ejaculatory fluid is the secretion from the Cowper’s glands of the male penis after arousal. Ideally this fluid should not contain sperms that are active enough to cause a pregnancy. Most studies have also reported absence of sperms in the pre-ejaculatory fluid. However, in some rare events if spems are present in the male urethra there is a theoretical possibility that sperms may be found in the pre-ejaculate as well.It is also well established that pre-ejaculatory fluid may contain sexually transmitted infections and viruses. Using condoms are the best possible protection against any possibility of infection.Morning after pills are highly effective in preventing a pregnancy, when used within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. However, the use of a morning after pill as a routine method of contraception is not recommended.It would be a good idea to attend a family planning clinic and discuss all the possible alternative contraceptive methods you can choose from in the future to avoid the stress of an unwanted pregnancy.