Precum pregnancy risk with rubbing and orak

Patient: Hi, I have a question that I have seen on here several times but always seem to get varying answers to. My girlfriend and I were intimate last night and were rubbing naked against each other. I never entered her but my penis was rubbing against her vuvla. We then switched to oral to which we both went off several minutes later. Normally we practice safe but we got caught up in the moment. My question is it it possible and if so how likely that we got pregnant last night? I’m worried that I may have pushed precum inside of her. Details I urinated and wiped myself off before we rubbed, I haven’t ejaculated in days pior, she’s is a week and a half from her next period.

Symptoms: Pregnancy?

Doctor: Hello.thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comWell if you have not inserted or ejaculated inside and resorted to jus t rubbing ,yet unsure if the precum probably would have gone in the vagina.She was in her fertile period and if you had your peecum inside her then there are chances that she may get pregnant as precum also contains viable sperms.if she was not on any hormonal contraception ,then she should have taken an emergency contraceptive pill as precaution.However emergency xontraception is to be taken within 72 hrs. Beyond that one has to wait for missed periods to confirm or negate conception by means of a beta hcg based urine pregnancy test.I hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you health.regards