Precum problems even during the unerected position

Patient: Dear sir…. my age is 27 year old, unmarried.when ever I think about sex or talk usually to a girl, Some kind of drops(colour less) come from my dick, sometimes but never had sex ,I’m really worried about drops because its old problem maybe 6-7 years even when my piense in not much hard , or even in unerrected mode . Kindly suggest me.due to this i feel weakness in body and sight weaknees also sir.

Symptoms: No cough and sneezing symptoms

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.What is coming out of your penis, is precum, which is absolutely normal and it comes out after getting sexually aroused or looking at the opposite sex when you find someone attractive.This settles down once you start engaging in active sex life.Please do not worry, this is absolutely normal. It is not going to affect your future sex or married life in any way.Hope this was helpful,Regards