Pregancny after Tubal Ligation

Patient: Can you get preganant after sixteen years of your tubes being tied?me and my husband would like to have a child together my tubes have been tied now for sixteen it at all possible for me to concieve?

Doctor: I understand your worry about Tubal ligation reversal. Certainly the success of this would depend on the type of procedu re that you had and the possible damage that might be present in your Fallopian tubes.In order to know the real possibility for you to become pregnant, I suggest you to consult your Gynecologist; he would need to know all the facts and records from your tubal ligation procedure. The type of tubal ligation procedure used will determine the best procedure for tubal reversal, and have a major impact on your chance of success. This would be the only way to know if the procedure will succeed. Overall, success rates for tubal ligation reversal can vary from 20 percent to 70 percent.I hope I clear your doubt. I wish you the best.