Pregancy and Abortion Procedure

Patient: Hello, I am 15 years old and 1 month pregnant.  I want to know if it is to late for a abortion? please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks for you help.

Doctor: An Abortion is a medical procedure and should always be discussed with your doctor.  Your doctor will also be able to ad dvise you of other options so that you may make the best choice for yourself.  Your doctor will know where in the community it can be done in a sterile, safe and confidential setting.  Any discussion with your doctor about abortion and other options is protected under privacy.To answer your question, most abortions can be done safely if done before 9 weeks.  Some abortions can be done up to 18 weeks but the procedure is more difficult.

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Guest: Hi dr I have used prg. Test and it was found weak positive… I had mifepristone 2 tab and after 48 hrs I had misoprostol 2 tabs orally but no bleeding till 8 hrs…then I had 2 tabs vaginally at 11pm now the time is 3pm since there is no cramps and bleeding..I took medication under dr guidance ,,no I hav doubt in my upt result pls help me wat to do