Pregency and side effect of medicine.

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Patient: Hi goodmorning,my wife period suppose to have 7th of january but she have not and last week we test her urine and result came out positive. we like to continue this pregnancy but end of the december she has urine infection so she have lots of medicine including urelief, antibiotic, pandol and others . we are worry , does that medicine effect baby health. it does , what is the best solution for us. please help us.thanksRK

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is indeed true that the medications can affect the baby growth and organogenesis. Sinc e it has been taken at very early stages, say at embryo formation level, we may have an option of continuing the pregnancy. It depends on what specific medicines she has taken. Discuss regarding the same with a gynecologist. You may wish to continue the pregnancy and follow it up with serial scan, including early anomaly scan. In the case of any organogenesis, you may wish to have a termination. Furnish all the drug names to the doctor including the dosage taken.Hope this helped.Regards,

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