Patient: Hi. Im jessie. Im 20 years old. My last period began on june 22nd. (My periods are normally about five weeks apart. I had unprotected sex on the 12th of july. I started light vaginal bleeding on the 23rd of july. Ranging from brown/ and pinkish red. Mostly just when i wipe. I am still bleeding but now its only a small brown spot when i wipe. My periods are always pretty heavy and six days long. But i havent needed a tampon or anything. Ive been feeling nautious. My boobs are i tad bit tender but normally stops once menstral flow begins. I have metallic taste. Back aches. And im just so tired. I have taken about five pregnancy test all negative. Also a urine test at the doctor a few days ago but negative as well. My symptoms seem to just be increasing. I feel and know in my heart theres a little peanut in there. Could i be correct?

Symptoms: Back ache. Metallic taste. Tired. Tender boobs/nipples/small cramping.

Doctor: Lack of a menstrual period is called amenorrhea. When this occurs in a woman who has had regular cycles in the past, it is called secondary amenorrhea. The most common suspect especially if there is a history of unprotected intercourse is pregnancy. But not every missed period means pregnancy and does not warrant a clinical diagnosis and evaluation. Most physicians will consider missed periods a potential problem after 6 months, in a woman who has had regular cycles before.You have taken the pregnancy tests and they are all negative. That should be enough proof that you are not pregnant. The pregnancy like symptoms are very vague and are also symptoms of various other conditions such as thyroid imbalances, viral infections etc.There are months during a woman’s life cycle when her periods are different i.e the number of days and quantity of blood loss may be different. These are just normal physiological variations and I would suggest that you stop taking any stress regarding the same.