Pregnacy and Sex Tips for A women

Patient: Hi Drif i intercourse with my girlfriend during ovulation time and my sperms reaches to eggs so i think the my girlfriend will become pregnant so if monthly period will late so i say that my gf is pregnant my question is that if i do intercourse during ovulation and sperm reached to eggs and after that if my gf fall out from some where or any other Accident happen so when the monthly period of my gf will be on time or it will be late for some days thnx

Symptoms: Pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,Firstly if one has sex during the ovulation period and she is not protected by contraception , then the chances of pregnancy are high indeed . Secondly , if she happens to get pregnant , then in early pregnancy after implantation sudden jerks or fall may initiate a abortion but not necessarily as the uterine womb is protecting the embryo well and is capable of keeping away from any shocks or jerks otherwise .So it is not mandatory that she would start having a bleeding/ abortion. If pregnant, then both of you should seek advise from your physician to have a safe medical termination of pregnancy as self methods may harm her and reduce her future ability to get pregnant sometimes.I hope i have answered your query,wishing good health,regards