Pregnacy scare at 14

Patient: I was on depo for about 2 years and now i have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms and i am scared am i pregnat or am i just experiencing problems.

Symptoms: Soft breast, loss appitite.bloat

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have been off Depot recently and have been amenorrhoeic since last 2 years now, then the symptoms that you are experiencing now with sore breasts, bloating, loss of appetite are more likely to be premenstrual symptoms or PMS rather than early pregnancy symptoms, and indicate that your menses shall resume again in few days. If you have not been sexually active then there is no real concern of pregnancy at all. If you feel that there is a possibility, then you may perform a urine pregnancy test to rule out any pregnancy and keep your anxiety under control.These symptoms of PMS mimic early pregnancy symptoms and are commonly seen prior to the onset of menses. So rest assured.Hope this helps.Regards