Patient: I have high testesterone hormone level, regular period, some unmature ovaries on scan, high TSH and Chromosomal thyroid. some hair in chin …. can i get pregnant ??? and what treatments may be taken to solve the problem??

Symptoms: no symptoms

Doctor: Thank you for your question.It looks like you are having an hormonal imbalance. When you are planning to conceive ap t care has to be taken right from pre-conception stage. All the hormones in the body like androgens, prolactin, insulin, thyroid, follicle stimulating hormones, luteinizing hormone, corticosteroid estrogen, progesterone etc, work in chain reaction and are interdependent. All these hormones have to be in adequate levels, work in tandem in order to have healthy egg development and for the fertilized egg to implant on the walls of uterus leading to a conception ultimately culminating into the birth of a healthy child. Therefore it is suggested to take medication for correction of the hormonal imbalance. Get a thyroid profile done including the free T3 & T4 levels along with the antibodies assays for the thyroid to know the underlying reason for high TSH levels. TSH levels should ideally be maintained in the mid range all through from preconception till delivery. Since Testosterone levels are high which is an androgen (male hormone) you may be having hair on the chin. High testosterone levels also disturb the milieu of pregnancy hormones leading to anovulation therefore requires correction. There seems to be no ovulation, therefore go for a follicular study once the hormone levels are back to normal. With restoration of ovulation you can try to conceive.Good luck to you in your journey towards parenthood.