Patient: Hello my name is Michelle and I have a serious question on what I should think or do! My last period was January 26-29. So about 1 week ago I had a positive pregnancy test and had not yet missed my period! My period was due Monday Feb 24 and did not get it until Thursday Feb 27 but only light spotting! I now have a little more bleeding but sevre cramps! I did go to the doctors last week to confirm my pregnancy when I did get the positive home pregnancy test but the blood test came back negative so I was thinking I was too early. I then took another pregnancy test Tuesday Feb 25 to see if I was still getting positive results, it then came back negative. I am so confused and don’t know what to do think?! Please help!! Thank so much. Hope to hear from you soon

Symptoms: Severe cramps, some bleeding, sore breasts headaches and back pain