Patient: Dear Doctor,I really need you advice. In the end of December I had a miscarriage. My last cycle was 25th of February. All my life cycle was 30-31 days, but last month it was 29 days (27th of June). At the day 22 of my cycle I did progesterone – the result was 3.80, my basal corporal temperature didn’t change all the time (35.9oC).20th of March (24 CD) I did a pregnancy test. It was positive. Later I did blood test of HCG and the result was 0, progesterone – 4.09. At the same day I did a pregnancy and ovulation tests again – both were positive. Same day I started to use a drug called Duphaston (didrogesterone), doctors recommend me to use it till 29th of March.21th of March basal corporal temperature was 36.1oC, HCG – 1.2, pregnancy and ovulation tests positive. Doctor can’t tell me is it pregnancy or artefacts.25 th of March my basal corporal temperature became 36.4oC. 26th of March supposed to be a day of a new cycle. 28th of March temperature still the same, pregnancy test negative and the HCG – 0.3. For now I don’t feel a new cycle, pregnancy either. The last time we had sex was 20th of March, till then – every day.Could you answer me if the pregnancy tests could show ovulation? Can didrogesterone be a reason why I don’t have cycle still? Is it possible to expect pregnancy still? What measures can be taken in future? We really do want a baby as soon as possible.Thank you for your attention and answer.Sincerely,Gabriele