Pregnancy advice, and help

Patient: Hello, My name is Kristen and i am 16, i am getting married next month and i am trying to conceive. I Had unprotected sex on the 12th of September, and i have all of the symptoms of being pregnant, my period was supposed to come on the 25th but didn’t and i took a test on the 26th and it was negative, i got light bleeding that was pink and brown yesterday and it got heavier and i was hoping that it doesn’t mean anything and i shouldn’t worry so much but i wanted to ask someone.

Symptoms: My Back hurts, My sides are cramping, my breasts are sore and bigger, as well as my areolas are slightly darker, i get headaches more often, and i have to pee like every 5 min, i feel so tired that i sleep almost all day, i gained 5 pounds and didn’t do anything, i feel like im going to puke every second of the day (although i haven’t been), i have been crying and getting mad over the littlest things, my pants don’t fit my right now because im so bloated