Pregnancy after IUD Removal

Patient: After having an IUD removed in January of this year, how long would it take to become pregnant? I’ve being tryin with no luck what so ever! =(( I had the IUD for around 9 yrs. Thank you!!!

Doctor: I understand your worry about pregnancy after IUD removal. In the majority of cases a woman might be able to conceive as early as one cycle after IUD removal. It all depends on how long your body will resume its natural cycle and hormonal balances. If the type of IUD that you had released synthetic hormones, the body could take up to 3 to 6 months to clear them before being able to ovulate again.If you had a copper IUD, usually no more than1 to 3 months are needed for the body to become fertile again.  I suggest you to not be anxious about it and let the nature take care of it. Certainly if you had a hormonal releasing IUD, drinking lots of water and exercising to clear your body form them could accelerate the process. I wish you the best.