Pregnancy after vasectomy

Patient: My boyfriend had a vasectomy 15 years ago. A woman he was seeing during our breakup is saying she’s pregnant and he’s the father. We went to a fertility center and had a semen analysis done which showed no sperm present even after centrifugation. Is there any possible way he could be the father of her child? Are there more tests we need to have done to be sure?

Doctor: Hello,After vasectomy, it takes around 30 ejaculates before the store of sperms in epididymis is emptied completely a nd it is only after 3 negative sperm analysis that the person is labelled as infertile to ability to create pregnancy.As its been 15 years already and his present sperm analysis shows azoospermia or no sperms , in that case , there are no chances that he can be fathering the child as claimed by that woman. No further tests are required and this report is even a legal proof.I hope i have answered your query,regards