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Pregnancy & Plan B & masturabation

Patient: I had unprotected sex and made him pull out but he reentered 30 minutes later, I took plan b the next morning then took care of my own needs later that evening. Could I get pregnant if he left anything behind? Bad night and not ready to be a mom, please help



Symptoms: Period in generally irregular however I’m still not on it.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for asking the health query at ATD.I have gone through your history and understand your concerns.Th e chances of pregnancy are very low in your case as you had plan-b on time.Plan-b is 96% effective in your case (which is almost 100%).So do not take any stress and wait and watch for the menses.Hopefully found useful.Good luck.Regards

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Patient: So masturbating hours after plan b won’t increase my chances? Thank you. Makes me feel a little better. Just very nervous. My BF turned out not to be the man I would want to have a child with.

Doctor: Hello dear,
Masturbation will not cause pregnancy but sexual intercourse after taking plan-b may cause pregnancy.
Hope found useful.
Good luck.


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