Pregnancy and acne

Patient: I am 5 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed me differin topical gel for my acne and told me that it should be ok to take during pregnancy.I dont know if i should take it because of what i read online about it and my doctor was unsure about it but ultimately told me it would be ok.Can i take it or should i not?

Doctor: Pregnancy acne is a a common occurrence that resolves on its own after delivery. It is not safe to use prescription acne medications or over-the-counter chemical spot treatments because of the risks that they may cause birth defects .Although studies show that the amount of medications absorbed through the skin is low, there is a possibility that they could pose an increased risk of birth defects. It is recommended that you do not use any hormonal preparetions, isotretinon, antibiotics such as doxycycline, minocycline or gels containing adapelene, tazorotene etc. because of the possible risks.I would recommend pharmacological treatment for your acne only if there is no alternative and the acne is severe. Instead,it would be best if you can rely on drug-free home remedies.