Pregnancy and Car Exhaust

Patient: I am 8 weeks pregnant and work at a car dealership where I supervise the cosmetic side of the business. I work in a larger garage that can hold 6 cars at once, parked front to back. There are double doors on both the north and south sides, the doors are kept open throughout the day, and four industrial fans are circulating the air, but I was wondering if this is harming my baby by working in the building on and off throughout the day. I make sure my employees turn the car engines off when they are inside being inspected, but they still put out exhaust when they are pulled into and out of the building.

Symptoms: Pregnancy, Car Exhaust

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Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Intermittent exposure to industrial fans may not harm the bab y.Exact fans should be working to prevent carbonmonoxide exposure. So, make sure that exact fans are working while you are inspecting.If you get symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, headache, dizziness etc while working, better to consult your doctor once.Regular antenatal checkups and ultrasound examinations are advised.Take care.