Pregnancy and conceiving

Patient: Hello my question is pregnancy related. I’ve found out I’m pregnant but yet to find out how far and when I conceived.I had unprotected sex on the 3/10 and my period started the 5/10 and lasted 3 says but was very light. I had 0unprotected with someone else a week before and after the 3/10. I’ve had a doctors appointment who sent me for bloods and my results are in, he said my pregnancy level was 3044 but didn’t tell me how far I am. Can you help please?

Symptoms: Pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the question to askthedoctor.comWith levels of 3000 plus of serum hcg you should be around 6 wee ks -7 weeks already, indicating that you conceived before 3rd october and on 5th what you had was the implantation bleed.I hope i have answered your focused query.Wishing you safe pregnancy,regards