Pregnancy and Low Blood Glucose

Patient: Hello, I am a pregnant 30 year old. I am 17weeks pregnant. I recently had a blood test done due to different symptoms I was experiencing. The test results showed I had a blood glucose level of 50 after eating. Two days after the blood test and before I was informed of the results I passed out while driving my vehicle and then again when exiting my vehicle. I informed my OB/GYN of what happend and she informed me of the low blood glucose test. She said my blood sugar just “bottomed out” and caused me to pass out. And instructed that i eat protein every two hours and no carbs. She said that is a “normal occurence” in pregnant women. I recently had a high TSH test and am now taking synthroid. Is it normal for pregnant women to have low glucose tests of 50 and not be taking insulin. Or could there be another reason for my low blood glucose or passing out. Thank you for your time.

Doctor: I understand your concern about your low blood sugar during pregnancy. I agree with your doctor that this is common pres entation during pregnancy. Remember that you are now feeding your baby and your body has increased its nutritional requirements as well. Pregnant women are more prone to have low blood sugar since their bodies have increased energy requirements and may burn through its store of glucose much faster than a normal personFainting and dizziness are common symptoms of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, it is very important for you to keep a blood sugar level within the regular numbers. Usually eating small meals 2 to 3 hours and drinking plenty of fluids might be the only treatment necessary for this. Having a snack ready in your purse could help in times where you don’t have anything to eat and/or you start to feel dizzy again. It would be recommended to keep track of your glucose levels if you are exercising as well. I wish you the best.