Pregnancy and pre cum

Patient: Is it true that u can get pregnant without sexual intercourse and only pre cum touching the outside of a vagina? I was ovulating n i nearly had sex with a guy iv known for years but i stopped it from happening i gave him oral before his penis touched the outside of me! The following night i met up with my on off partner n we decided to give thinga another go we had full unprotected sex im now pregnant n worried my on off partner wont be the father? Whos the dad or how can i find out asap im stressing constantly from this worry please help

Symptoms: Pregnancy and pre cum

Doctor: Precum cannot really get you pregnant. In very very rare circumstances can fertile sperms be present in the pre-ejaculat ory fluid. In the absence of a vaginal penetration, the chances of conceiving with precum is very very low.I would think that the full unprotected intercourse should be the reason for your pregnancy.If you have given an accurate account of events above then what is stated above should be around 95 percent accurate. If you still have doubts regarding the paternity of your baby then it would be prudent that you initiate paternity testing for your unborn child.A lot of laboratories are able to test using NIPD (noninvasive prenatal diagnostic tests) on the fetal DNA in the mothers blood. This means that it is possible to find out who the father of the child is before the birth of the baby. Speak to your obstetrician or midwife or nurse regarding your confusion and discuss the options of paternity testing with them. In such cases, it is better to not have any doubts.