Pregnancy and swimming in the sulfur water

Patient: I’m a month pregnant can I swim in sulfur it bad for me or is it good for me they are not very hot but the water contains sulfur and it is lukewarm are sulfa drugs the same as sulfur water

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern. Sulfonamides or sulfa drugs are derived from sulfanilamide, a su lfur-containing chemical.Usage of these drugs is usually not advisable during the pregnancy due to the possibility of baby getting the jaundice especially in late pregnancy.Sulfur springs contains sulfur,iron and other chemicals.According to FDA sulphur belongs to category N drugs in pregnancy means animal studies have not been conducted and there are no controlled data in human pregnancy. Aand as there are no proved benefits also, better to avoid swimming in sulfur springs during pregnancy. Please discuss regarding this with your doctor and proceed according to her advice.Take care.