Pregnancy and vitamin B12 deficiency

Patient: Hi, my pregnancy doctor told me that i have a Deficiency in b12, i am in my 36th week of pregnancy, and she wrote for me a shot of b12 once a week for 5 weeks,, is there any other soution other than the shot, a b12 supplement for example?

Doctor: There are two ways of treating vitamin B12 deficiency one is through Vit B12 shots and the other is Vitamin B12 suppleme nts which have a greater quantity of the vitamin than that present in normal vitamin supplements.Typically in pregnancy your vitamin b12 needs increase due to the developing fetus and if there are sufficiently low quantities of the same it can lead to complications.If deficient early on in the pregnancy it can lead to miscarriages, neural tube defect and later in the pregnancy can lead to preterm labour.Typically more amount of the vitamin is needed than what is present in prenatal vitamin supplements and thus you may need to take the injections for a while to reach to the required level.More over the injectable form has greater bioavalibility and thus can be absorbed more efficiently and easily thus being more effective. All the best.