Pregnancy bumps or something else?

Patient: I’m 7 months pregnant and I recently noticed that I have small flesh colored bumps on the inside of my vagina not on the outside, I looked it up and I read that it could be due to all the extra fluid and moisture down there. Is this true? They are painless and it doesn’t burn when I pee or anything. I’ve been tested for std’s and came out negative. What could it be and how could I get rid of it?

Symptoms: Small bumps, no pain, only about 4 or 5, lots of discharge

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThese vaginal skin coloured bumps that you are referring to without a ny pain or itching could be either normal vaginal rugousity which may have become congested locally due to increased venous flow locally or they can be possible hymenal tags . Both the conditions are normal and don’t indicate any infection or an STD.The discharge is possibly a normal physiological discharge seen commonly in pregnancy due to progesterone effect. However it is advisable that you may consult your physician and get a per speculum examination done to check and evaluate the lesion . Your physician would be in a better position to comment on the bumps after examination.I hope the answer is helpful and cleared your most of the queries.regards