Pregnancy – cardiac activity

Patient: Hello doctor, I am 9 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had TV and the report appears as monochrionic diaminiotic twins and triplets (+) ? . They said it shows only 5 weeks and 6 days development and no cardiac activity. only one yolk has limbs development and the rest two shows no such development. I am 30 yrs and this is my first pregnancy(normal). Had no treatment or abortions earlier. I was on contraceptive ( we used only condoms). I am afraid and praying for the postitive. Doctor says I will have to wait till 7 weeks to read the cardiac activity. HOw come it shows 5 weeks and days when I am 9 weeks. LMP – dec 2nd 2013. My urine test after 5 days of expected period showed negative and on 10 th day i had beta hcg test to confirm

Doctor: Usually individual fetal size will be less than the expected of gestational age in twins or triplets. Your history mostl y suggests that only one of the fetuses was developed bating other two. You also mentioned that its a precious pregnancy in your condition. As the doctor advised, it better to wait few more days to record and then decide on cardiac activity and viability of fetuses. Regularly followup with your obstetrician for further management.