Pregnancy Chance, Ovulation, and Sex.

Patient: I had sex a day after my period ended, 11/28, around 7:20PM, and then about 4 days later. Both protected sex, and didnt last longer than 7 minutes. My boyfriend had a condom, and used the pull-out method, but had pre-cum when he put the condom on.. He never came. 4 weeks ago today I was supposed to get my period, and never did.. Am I pregnant? I’m 15, and if I am, I can’t tell my mom. She’d kill me.

Doctor: Hello,If you have had sex on end of periods and 4 days later but an protected intercourse, then you were in your safe period during the first episode and in your fertile period during the second episode considering day 14-16 as ovulation time for you in a regular period cycle.If your concern is about the precum then as you have missed your period on due date, it is suggested that either you can get a serum beta hcg level test done today to look for raised levels seen in pregnancy or you may wait another 7 days post missed period to check or rule out pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test( as sensitivity is high at 7 th day).I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards