Pregnancy chances in Pull out method

Patient: I had unprotected sex about 19 days ago. I thought I got my period last week, but now I am concerned I mistook my period for early pregnancy bleeding since my period was a lot lighter than usual. I am on the pill, and when I had sex he did not ejaculate. Could I be pregnant and is it too early to take a home pregnancy test?

Doctor: Certainly if you were taking your contraceptive pills regularly, this could decrease in a 99% your chances of pregnancy.   The pull out method is less effective and you should not rely on it. Implantation bleeding usually occurs 7 days after conception; this could also favor your chances of not being pregnant.If your sexual encounter was during your fertile days, there could still be a minimal chance of pregnancy but this would be unlikely. If you want to make sure that you are not pregnant I would suggest you to consider taking a home pregnancy test, 19 days have already passed and by now you should already have a good concentration of HCG.