Pregnancy Early Symptoms

Patient: What are the early signs of teen pregnancy? Are abortions availible for all ages and in the state of California?

Symptoms: I normally have my period around the 22 so I don’t know if I’ll miss it. I’ve been a lot sleepier and one day I was nasious to certain smells but like I said that was one day. Now I’m fine nothing else seems wrong .

Doctor: Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and crampy abdomen are among the initial symptoms experienced by most women in early pregnancy, irrespective of age. A positive pregnancy test and absence of menstrual periods may raise strong suspicion of pregnancy, but are not absolutely confirmatory. Certain medications and health conditions may give false positive results. Abortion laws are somewhat liberal as compared to some other states and your physician may be able to better address your specific concerns in this regard.