Pregnancy headaches

Patient: I am 21 weeks pregnant and had a sudden onset headache which was very severe ( no history of headaches at all). I saw aOB?GYN and he checked me out and he is sure there is no preeclampsia risk as BP is fine. I have been given Percocet and this has eased the head ache and now without meds 48 hours on the headache is not severe but over the front of my eyes and head and only hurts when I move around. The OB/GYN wanted to do a CT scan but the Radiologist did not want to due to risk to the baby and this has put me in a quandary. What do you think? Is there a need for a CT scan or would I be fine leaving it.

Symptoms: see above

Doctor: Hello Dear, Headaches are quite common all through pregnancy. There are a lot of hormonal changes taking place in the b ody during pregnancy which may cause headaches. Generally circulating levels of progesterone are high in pregnancy which could lead to headaches. Reasons for headaches can be from simple to complicate. Sometimes sinus, congestion, allergies, tiredness, stress or strain can also lead to headaches which are temporary and simple remedies will help to overcome. Rule out the above problems which can cause headache. If the headache is persistent and worst headache you ever had then watch out carefully for these symptoms blurred or double vision, stiff neck, sudden trouble in walking or dizziness, speech problem etc. If you are having these problems then may be the underlying cause is severe and in that scenario it is advisable that you opt for a CT scan as your life is more important and requires medical intervention. Your need outweighs the baby’s safety in opting for a CT scan. CT scan (X-rays) will provide better and clear picture to the doctor to diagnose the problem.I hope that answers your question. Have a good day.