Pregnancy help at possible 5 weeks?

Patient: Could I be pregnant If I have period like bleeding but with no cramps?

Symptoms: Fatigue, constant hunger, bloating, bleeding with no cramps

Doctor: Hello,If you have been expecting to conceive in this cycle , then it is to be understood that bleeding as menses for more than 2 days cannot be an implantation bleed and has to be menstruation with good flow . Also it is not necessarily be associated with pain or cramps as well. However the best way to rule out pregnancy would be a serum beta hcg test which if indicates a raised level confirms pregnancy but if the levels are less than 1 pregnancy is ruled out.If your concern is that this bleed may be an abortion then get a serum beta hcg test done to ally your anxiety completely.I hope i have answered your query n detail,wishing you good health,regards