Pregnancy Inquiry: Ovulation window

Patient: Hi, I’m TTC however, if I have many factors that makes me uncertain about when my most fertile days are. So I was taking BC pills for the month of January. I finished the pack the end of week Jan 19. I bled for a couple days. I haven’t yet gotten a period, but its still early. I took an ovulation test on 2/20 and it was positive. I had sex 2/21 and 2/22. My question is, is it possible to concieve given the factors. Did I have sex in time to fertilize an egg, or did I miss window?

Symptoms: No symptoms. Felt some mild cramps on one side of my ovaries on 2/20.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Considering the fact that you were on birth control and completed it last cycle, follo wed by some withdrawal bleeding, it is tough to establish when exactly was your ovulation time. Since the ovulation kit indicates the dates accurately and you also experienced cramps, the dates of ovulation suggested by the kit is more accurate. We encourage sexual intercourse during the ovulation time, and you have done that accurately. Hence, there is nothing much to worry here and we can be hopeful that you conceive.Wishing you all the good luck for a speedy conception.Regards,