Pregnancy issue – light pink discharge

Patient: I’m 6-7 weeks pregnant. (27 years old) I had my first echo on the 28th of October which proved unsuccessful. They then tried an vaginal echo but again they could only see the yolk bag. She mentioned I could be anywhere from 5.4 weeks to 6.4 weeks pregnant that day.After the examination she did mention that normally after 5 weeks she should have been able to see the heart of our baby.. so I of course I thought the worse… My doc told me not to request blood test and just wait it out.. But i’ve been having the hardest time sleeping. Stressing I suppose, with my neck and back being completely stiff. Now last night I woke up to go to the bathroom and noticed after wiping that I had some very light pink spotting but no cramping… I don’t want to blow everything out of proportion and escalate everything to the hospital unless I need too.. I’m just trying to figure out if this is normal.

Symptoms: Slight pink coloration

Doctor: Pinkish vaginal discharge in pregnancy is not normal and may be cause by vaginal discharge tinged with blood. Spotting, is, however, common, but needs to urgently reported to your doctor urgently, as this may herald pregnancy wastage in some ladies, if not taken care of properly. Please call your physician’s office without any further delay and carry the sanitary towel along with you if possible, if you are called for an examination or assessment.