Pregnancy or menstrual

Patient: My last period finished december 25th, i was supposedly ovulating jan 5th 2015. my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex, and he came in me (sorry tmi). im supposed to get my period jan 19th 2015, but im experiencing bad lower back pains, my breasts are swollen and tender, nipples arent that sore. im having mild cramping no blood and milky white discharge, also having really bad acne, and feel so bloated. went to the hospital the last week around the 10th pregnancy test was negative. i had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011, i wasnt able to get pregnant ever since then, could this be it? someone help

Symptoms: Lower back pain, dull cramps, sore/tender breasts, milky discharge

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting ATD,If you were in your fertile period when you had unprotected sex with your boyfriend then the best way to find out that you have conceived or not would be after 10 days of intercourse and not on 10th jan , to do a lb based serum beta hcg test , not a urine pregnancy test, to check for levels of hcg in the blood. If the levels are raised and more than 1 , it indicates that you are pregnant . But it the levels are less than 1 , then it rules out pregnancy completely and the symptoms which you are experiencing then now , would be premenstrual symptoms which mimic early pregnancy symptoms but indicate that menses would ensue in few days .I hope i have answered your concerns.Wishing you good health,regards