Pregnancy or molar pregnancy

Patient: I have rh negative blood I have not missed a period although my normal period last a entire week last month it lasted two days and was very light I’ve took 4 home pregnancy test and they have showed positive I’ve already have morning sickness so I’m just wondering if I’m having another molar pregnancy or if I could be pregnant

Symptoms: Morning sickness

Doctor: Hello,the recurrence rate of molar pregnancy in subsequent pregnancy is 15 per cent , so if your pregnancy tests indi cate positive results , then you must get a serum beta hcg levels done. An exceptionally high levels of hcg can point towards molar pregnancy like more than 1 lakh . This has to be followed up with ultrasound to look for characteristic snow storm appearance inside uterus.I suggest you visit your physician for a beta hcg test and ultrasound to confirm or rule out molar in your present pregnancy.i Hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards