Pregnancy or period?

Patient: I feel like im pregnant but ive had false symptoms and late periods before. my period is only two days late so far, my stomach and back are killing me, i have issues sleeping even though im overtired, constant headaches and food cravings, my chest hurts and it feels like my bra has shrunk. i cant tell the difference and i have no access to a pregnancy test, help?

Symptoms: Sore boobs, headaches, nausea, sore back, cramps, tired, light headed, etc.

Doctor: Hello,All the symptoms can be actually early pregnancy symptoms if pregnancy is confirmed first else they are common for premenstrual syndrome as well which then indicate that menses shall ensue in few days and the symptoms would be relieved once the menses resume.As you are on your 2nd post missed period day, it is suggested that you wait for another week before you undertake a pregnancy test.If the menses resume then you are not pregnant , but if they don’t then you have to rule out pregnancy with easily available otc urine pregnancy test kits.I hope i have answered your query,regards