Pregnancy or thryroid?

Patient: I was recently in the hospital with severe menstrual like cramping, lower backache and shooting pain down both sides of my abdomen leg area. Before I went to the hospital I had a missed menses or two, unsure of the dates, but I do know one was definitely missed. I have had severe nausea for a few days and a few positive pregnancy tests at home, some of which were extremely light and a couple were noticeable, although not dark. My husband had a vasectomy eight years ago, so I know that’s a stretch to be pregnant. I do have the signs of pregnancy. I am constantly bloated, craving foods, can’t stand the smell of some things, smell bleach or something like it here every other day or so, sore breasts that comes and goes, heavy feeling in my uterus and the nausea but still really hungry and will eat a lot. I have a linea nigra, which I am almost positive, has been there since child one of four and I have olive skin but I noticed this morning, I am now getting the linea nigra from my belly button up, which I am sure wasn’t there before. So, the hospital ran some blood work and urine analysis. Negative for pregnancy in urine (but I had went to the bathroom before we left the house) and -0 on the blood work, although, they never gave me a count, which I specifically asked for. All tests they took came back negative. Then they performed a quick sonogram and that showed a 3cm cyst on my left ovary and a mass in my uterus, which I was told was likely my menses getting ready to start (It’s been four five days since I was in the hospital and still nothing). Then he preformed a pap and remarked that my uterus was soft and very wet. He asked if my husband and I have done anything in the last twenty four hours and I told him it was at least a week because I haven’t felt good. Soo, what I wanted to ask is; Can I be pregnant and somehow the blood work is not coming up or my thyroid or something else entirely? I feel very pregnant but different somehow. I made an appointment with my gyn but they don’t have an opening until the 25th and I am concerned. I know this is long and I may have missed something but I would really appreciate any information you can offer me!