Pregnancy Paranoia when there is no vagial sex

Patient: Let me start this out by saying that my fiance and I do not have regular intercourse (it hurts me way too much, plus I have an overriding paranoia bout getting pregnant, even with the use of condoms and female preventatives).My fiance and I take care of each other, with him fingering me and then me either giving him a handjob or a blow job. I don’t want any cross contamination, so once he touches himself for any reason, I make him wash his hands for at least 30 seconds in case there is anything on them.Our last…er….session was the last week of March. I can’t remember if I told him to wash his hands or not, but he did touch himself (he didn’t jack off or anything), and then he touched my butt and vagina while i was giving him a blowjob.My cycle has been running anywhere from 28-42 days. My last period was from Feb. 2-6. Right now my period (as it usually goes), has not come yet and I’m on day 55. I have been taking pregnancy tests since day 42, and every single one has come back negative, and I’ve tried different types to see if I get the same result every time (and so far I have). I took one on Monday, the 24th and it was negative. Then on Tuesday, I started to get brown and red vaginal discharge with clotting like I normally get with my period, but it’s not flowing like my periods usually flow. I haven’t had much on my pads, but it’s always there when i pee or when I wipe. I took another test on the 27th, and again it was negative.Of course my raging paranoia has elevated my stress level since day 42, and I haven’t slept well in almost 3 weeks because of this.If my period is late and I’m not pregnant, is this brown/red discharge and clotting normal? I’ve never had a period this late before and I’m 35 years old and live in a high stress environment on top of everything (caregiver for two elderly parents who have medical problems of their own).Please help because I am driving myself (and my fiance) crazy with all of this….I don’t know what to do! Thank you.

Symptoms: late period, red/brown discharge, clotting when i go to the bathroom (like my usual periods)

Doctor: Hi!, From your query and from things you have described it looks like you may be having your period and probably because of your stress the period is not normal (may be some hormonal pattern changes). To avoid this fear it is advisable that go for a blood test called βhCG for pregnancy which can provide more conclusive results.Hope that this answers your query.

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Patient: Thanks for the info! Can’t afford to get a blood test since I don’t have insurance. What you said is in line with another Dr.’s opinion as well. Feeling much less stressed out now. Thank you so much!