October 21, 2018

Pregnancy Paternity problem

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Patient: My ex girlfriend that lives in Bali, Indonesia is pregnant, I’m from Croatia, I was with her on vacation from 2nd November to 23rd NovemberWe were fighting a little bit so started having sex from 12th November, on 6th December she did a pregnancy test and informed me she is pregnant.On 10th December she did an ultrasound that she sent me and it says due date 5th August, baby age 6w0d.On 13th January another ultrasound that says due date 5th August, baby age 10w 6d.Later ultrasounds I don’t have, but the first 2 convinced me I’m the father.Week ago I found out she was having sex with another guy before I came, so 1st November could be last date she had sex with him, and she convinced him he is the father, and he is also convinced saying everything lines up with him being the father, he said he talked to the doctors and they told him it adds up to time he was having sex with her.I am totally confused, how can he be sure he is the father when first 2 ultrasounds give me conception date exactly 12th November, can later ultrasounds change due date or conception date, she is having a boy, could it be bigger because boys are relatively bigger (I was 4.5 kg) so that ultrasounds he saw give him results he wants to see.Don’t ask me about her period because this girl obviously lies a lot, as far as I know it was at end of October, but that can’t be verified.What I do know is that she got some symptoms while I was still in Bali, on 21st November, last time we had sex it was a little bit painful for her, she had some vaginal discharge, her breast were extremely sensitive, she was also feeling extremely tired all of a sudden.First time she mentioned she feels nausia was 4th December.If it means anything for the results, she is a healthy Indonesian girl, 160 cm, 50 kg.I know I have to do dna, but I will attach the ultrasounds, so maybe you give me an opinion who is more likely the father based on them?

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting us about your health care.I can understand your concern here.I have moved through her ultrasound scan and your description and in my opinion you are most likely the father of a baby.But as you know it is only confirmed by DNA paternity testing.With my calculation from her due date most probable conception date from 6 November to 10 November and most probable sexual intercourse dates are November 3- November 10th.Another possible conception date November 5-15, possible intercourse date nov 1- nov15.So with above date calculation, you are most likely the father of the child.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more questions.Regards

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Patient: did you look at the ultrasound also? fetus size adds up with the dates given on it?
regarding her symptoms, how early do they start?
I see it as you also, but this other guy is convinced it is his, how can that be possible, can later ultrasounds after firs trimester give differenet dates

Patient: why did you give 2 possible conception dates, how did you come up to this?

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry to say but your ultrasound scan images are not very clear, so I calculate on the basis of your description.
If you want further information than you can upload ultrasound report, I will give an idea with fetal parameters.
In ultrasound 2 weeks difference can be there.
I have given twtwo dates because if ovulation occurs early or delay than there is possibility of delayed or early conception.
Hope it is useful.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Patient: I want further information, but those are the only pictures of ultrasounds I got, you want me to upload it again?
how precise are these early ultrasounds at 6 w and 10 w?
I read that the earlier ones are much more precise than ones after first trimester, is it true?

Doctor: Hello dear,
Yes, your information is right early ultrasound scan are more precise than later ultrasound to calculate the weeks of pregnancy.
I need your ultrasound report not pictures because they are not very clear.
Good day.

Patient: I don’t have the report, all she sent me were ultrasound pictures before we broke up… I know its not clear but when I engance the pictures I can see clearly that first ultrasound from 10th December 2014 says GS 2.28, 06w0d +- 11d, it also has date 5th August 2015 – thats the due date I supose.
Second ultrasound is from 13th January 2015- GS 4.20, 10w6d, same due date 5th august 2015.

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry for the delay in my response.
Yes, I have seen your details previously and I gave my opinion accordingly.
So please do not take any stress and you are most probably a father of a child.
Feel free to discuss further.

Patient: One more question… Whats confusing me is that other guy is also so conviced he is the father… I don’t know if he saw these first ultrasounds… But she is a petite woman 160 cm, 50kg, She is having a boy, I am 187 cm and was a big baby 4.5 kg when born… Could it be the baby is also huge and in later ultrasounds they pushed the gastational age, and moved due date earlier so that might be the reason the other guy is so conviced its his?

Patient: Ok, I think I said something stupud, gestational age can’t change, but lets say she changed the doctor in second trimester, and never mentiones the first 2 ultrasounds, she made up the story of her last mestrual cycle, could it then be everything changes in predicting age and birth, she is very lying and manipualtive…. This guy is so convinced like 100% its his, this would be my only logical explentation he thinks its his, he totaly has some other info than me

Doctor: Hello dear,
I can understand your anxiety and concern.
I know you are inteintelligent and very well know that nobody can change the baby gestational age, growth and its birth timing.
If she made story and do manipulation but she can’t change her baby time of birth and other things.
The only solution of your problem is paternity DNA test after birth of a baby.
Till the date there is nothing which can prove that baby is yours or his boyfriend.
So please do not take any stress and relaxed and wait till the baby get delivered, because now nobody can change anyanything in your baby.
Good luck.

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