Pregnancy pelvic exam

Patient: I went to the doctor she used her fingers and preformed a pelvic exam in my uterus and felt around saying I was 8 weeks pregnant but I failed the blood test, I was a little confused when I left, If she felt it is it normally accurate to feel and fail a test?

Symptoms: Sleepy rapid weight gain irritated

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comA bimanual examination by a physician diagnosing pregnancy is an old practice based on the soft consistency of the cervix and increased vascularity. this is completely subjective feeling and liable for errors.However blood serum hcg test is more sensitive and accurate to predict pregnancy. If the test is negative, yet the doctor says that you are pregnant then you may repeat the blood test or the more convient urine pregnancy test to reconfirm yourself.I hope i have answered your query,regards