Pregnancy planning and history of miscarriage.

Patient: I had developed preeclampsia with both pregnancies but it was worse with my stillbirth. had a miscarriage and stillbirth 1 year apart both missed miscarriages and the doctors cant find a cause except blood flow to fetus was inadequate. it was flowing away from my baby insteatd to him. Im afraid to try again as this will happen a third time. What specialist do i need to see and is it safe to try again? also i am on implanon and have been for 6 months since october. my question is i havent had a period since being on implanon. is this normal?

Doctor: Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy during the first trimester (before week 20). Unfortunately, the risk of miscarriage is higher in women with a history of a previous miscarriage.I would suggest you to consult an Obstetrician /Gynecologist to evaluate you since the beginning of your pregnancy. Implanon causes irregular bleeding as a side effect and might probably be the cause of your menstrual absence.  I wish you a successful pregnancy.