Pregnancy possibility ?

Patient: Hi, on the 15th of December my boyfriend fingered me after he had himself ejaculated. He wiped his ejacualte off on a sweater and fingered me about 3 minutes after. He also touched my vagina with his penis prior to him ejaculating. I had just ended my period the day before. I took the morning after pill and about a week later I experienced very brown spotting. Around the time of regular ovulation I experienced the regular ovulation discharge. But it continued for about 3 days. And am having a little bit of white discharge sometimes my period should be on the 10th. Also on the 22 he touched his penis between my legs though I had underwear and nylons on. Is there any possible way I could be pregnant ?

Doctor: Hello,As you had sex a day after your periods ended then you were in your safe period and ovulation hadn’t occurred, so chances of pregnancy are negligible. But if during your fertile period after 22 he had his penis touching your penis but haven’t ejaculated or there was no pre cum and you were wearing clothing, then still the chances of you getting pregnant are minimal.The bleed you had after the morning pill was a withdrawal bleed and which further assures pregnancy safety.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you safe sexual practices,regards