Pregnancy problem as trying to conceive

Patient: Dear Doc…..We are trying to have a baby as 3 months back i had a laproscopy for endometriosis cyst….we consult with the doc..she has regulated my nov month and gave me progesterone injection as well and we had unprotected sex a day before ovulation and on the day of ovulation also(ovulation was trigger by giving me HCG injection) and i have done follicle study test also in which eggs count and size is fine..but now i got periods 3 days late then usual but blood is dark brown and less then normal flow….when everything was regulated then why i was not able to conceive…please answer

Symptoms: Had cold after 2 days of my ovulation and frequent urination

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Some couple may not able to conceive even with all normal para meters, which is called as unexplained infertility.Sometimes it may take two to three cycles of ovulation induction to achieve success.Once check for patency of fallopian tunes by hysterosalpingography.You can continue the same treatment in next menstrual cycle, hopefully you may conceive this time.If success is not achieved even with three to four cycles of ovulation induction, artificial reproduction methods may needed.Take care.