Pregnancy question

Patient: Hi there. My local doctors office isn’t open so I’m hoping you can help. I just recently (6 days ago) got the Mirena IUD implant. So far everything has been going fine. I previously had the nexplanon implant and am also covered by the depo shot until the middle of March. My doctor told me not to have sex for 7 days after the implant but I am protected. It’s been six of the seven days and I’m wondering if it’s ok for me to have sex now? I just got back from vacation and not seein my long term (6 years) boyfriend.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Well if you have been additionally protected by the depot injection as well, then it i s likely that you may not have ovulated this month and that you are safe from pregnancy. It is generally said about MIRENA that before the effect is completely established in terms of stable progesterone levels, it takes 7-10 days after the insertion, so it has been a general advice, but as you have been on depot protection as well, it is safe for you to indulge in sexual activity with your partner this month.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health.Regards