Pregnancy Question and morning sickness

Patient: Hello, Recently I had sex with a woman. This was on October 17th. She is on the 28 day birth control with the 21 active pills and the 7 sugar pills. She takes them properly and has not missed any of the pills. I did not use and other protection and came inside of her. She had her normal withdrawl bleeding/period on the first day of her sugar pills which is normal for her. She took a pregnancy test on Sunday November 9th and it said it was Negative. She took the test around 8pm, I know it’s better to take them in the morning but she took it at night. Now all this would seem to rule out pregnancy but the concerning thing is she has experienced vomiting a few times in the past week. Is it possible that that is morning sickness? Would that start that early?

Symptoms: Vomiting

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the question to askthedoctor.comIf the periods have resumed and she had a bleed , to add to that her pregnancy test was also negative, then there is actually no cause of worry. She is definitely not pregnant. The vomiting episodes which concern you could possibly be due to a gastrointestinal cause and not due to pregnancy or raised hcg levels. morning sickness generally occurs from 2-4 weeks of fertilisation.I hope i have answered your query.wishing you good healthregards